Thanks to using the Meet Hangouts application, our teachers do not have to “dress” for teaching councils as shown in the picture above:-)


Pedagogical councils are a necessary element of the organization of school work. Over the past two weeks, three remote teaching staff meetings have been held.

We use the Meet Hangouts application (a part of Google Suite) for administration of the access, for recording and to verify users participating in meetings. Yes, yes, we are the meetings of teaching team are confidential!

Formally, according to the ordinance of the Ministry of National Education, is the organization of remote teaching councils also sanctioned in Polish law only from March 25. However, we have recognized that this is a necessity and we have carried out two of our three meetings before the formal regulations came into life.

The use of means of communication enables us to implement the competences of pedagogical team and gives the possibility to use possible related activities by the school, although they are very different from our former experiences.

We would like to thank all members of our staff for solidarity and efficient  participation in the councils!