A Community of Lifelong Learners

The Mission of our school is to educate in a way that enables students to fully develop their abilities and talents. We instil self-confidence in them so that they can achieve success reflecting their individual abilities. To achieve this goal we have created a curriculum which is based on International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP). The International High School of Wroclaw has rights of a public school and is a certified IB World School.

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Our graduates get offers from universities worldwide. See the LIST of UNIVERSITY OFFERS.

How do we teach?

For the first grade, we have developed original curricula based on the standards and requirements of IB programmes and, at the same time, we teach the content specified in the core curriculum concerning general education. Each subject focuses on studying and inquiring. Learning in the first grade prepares also for learning in the International Baccalaureate Programme and, therefore, the content is taught in two languages, assessed according to certain criteria, and includes the types of tasks required in the Diploma Programme.

In the second and third grades the language of instruction is English. We follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP). The programme is based on international standards of modern education, and the obtained diploma is not only equivalent to the Polish Matura exam but also, above all, it is highly valued by universities around the world.

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The IHSW curriculum aims to optimally prepare students for the International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma) and further studies on the best world’s universities. The curriculum consists of two stages: MYP (grades 1 and 2) and the IB Diploma Programme (grades 3 and 4).


International Baccalureate Diploma

The International Baccalureate (IB Diploma), crowning the IB Diploma Programme, is equivalent to the Polish final exam (Matura) and at the same time it opens entrance to the best universities around the world.


Foreign languages

Foreign languages play a key role in our curriculum. From grade 3 (1st of the IB Diploma Programme) English is the language of instruction. We also teach the mother tongues of our students as well as German, Spanish and French.


Educational programme and Student Profile

The main goal of our educational programme is the holistic development of the student, whom we perceive holistically.  Learner profile (common element in all IB programmes) is the heart of our educational programme, showing the characteristics of an IHSW graduate.

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Wolves Athletic Program

Physical education is a part of holistic education. Students develop their fitness lifestyle, knowledge of sports, learn how to live in a healthy way, learn about different sports disciplines, learn the rules of fair play competition and teamwork in frames of the regular PE classes and in a unique athletic programme.


Extracurricular activities

In accordance with the IHSW mission we offer extracurricular activities that promote the holistic development and academic, artistic and physical activity. A lot depends on the students themselves! Every year we are ready for suggestions from students and parents.

Four Hands Joined Together

Voluntary service

In accordance with the IHSW philosophy and the assumptions of the IB programmes, we place a large emphasis on learning and building attitudes through experience. Acting we deepen the understanding of the world and we foster one of the competences of the future – cooperation.



We understand that art is one of the most expressive means of personal and cultural expression, and that it is the area of human activity that allows us to know and understand both individuals and the community. Our students participate in mandatory music and art classes and have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of culture.