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Another inspiring edition of the School Career Days at the schools of the Foundation for International Education has come to a close! Students had a unique opportunity to meet outstanding guests who shared their passions and extensive professional experience, opening up completely new perspectives for them.

The guests of the 2024 School Career Days were:

  • Mrs. Nadia Szagdaj, a respected crime fiction author and experienced journalist, who passionately talked about the intricacies of her work, focusing on the research process essential for creating crime novels.
  • Mrs. Karolina Hejne, a specialist in cellular and tissue pathology, who explained the complexity of her profession and its significance in medicine in an accessible and humorous way.
  • Mr. Tomasz Marcinko, a talented actor from the IMPROKRACJA theater and a graduate of our school, who not only shared his experiences on stage but also led inspiring improvisation exercises, developing cooperation and empathy skills.
  • Mr. Mariusz Żebrowski, who shed new light on the business world, presenting its advantages and challenges, and provided insight into his career path as a president of a sports club, former police commander, and academic lecturer.
  • Mrs. Ewa Carr de Avelon, who shared interesting career development stories up to her position as President of BNY Mellon Bank Poland.
  • Mr. Marcin Janiszewski from Tarczyński Arena Wrocław, who talked about organizing events at the stadium, shedding light on the secrets of such a unique place on the Wrocław map.

We thank our exceptional guests for their inspiring presentations and sharing their knowledge and experience with high school students! Thanks to you, our students were able to broaden their horizons and discover new possibilities for their future career paths.

We can’t wait for the next editions of the School Career Days!