plakat BAW 2024 (5)


This year, at FEM schools, we are celebrating the jubilee 10th edition of the Brain Awareness Week, which has been our contribution to international celebrations organized by the Dana Foundation from the USA for years.

This year’s edition, starting next Monday, will focus on promoting the latest scientific discoveries regarding the functioning of the brain and its relationship with the human body. The program includes various events, dedicated to both younger and older students, to introduce them to the mysteries of the human mind.

We are particularly excited about this year’s collaboration with the Wroclaw Mime Theatre, named after Henryk Tomaszewski, whose artists have prepared a choreography specifically for us, which will be the main highlight of the final happening, attended by the entire FEM school community.

More information about the event can be found on the attached graphic.

We hope that this will not only be an inspiring experience for our students but also an incentive for other schools to include the Brain Awareness Week organization in their programmes.