DP2 students, as part of CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), organized a unique event – a birthday party in honor of Polish poet and Nobel prize winner Wisława Szymborska, whose centenary of birth is celebrated this year in Poland as part of the Szymborska Year on the initiative of the Senate of the Republic of Poland.

The central point of the ceremony was the presentation of a biography illustrated with poems and correspondence of the Nobel Prize winner with her friend and “colleague”,another outstanding Polish poet and prose writer Zbigniew Herbert. The students prepared a film with a selection of letters from these two poets. The film’s voiceovers were our students Jagoda and Marcel.

The event was also enriched with recordings of violin etudes inspired by the Nobel Prize winner’s poems, composed and performed as part of the MYP Personal Project by our graduate – Masza.

The entire week preceding the event, there was a corridor game during which participants discovered hidden poems by Wisława Szymborska scattered throughout the school. The most effective and persistent searchers were rewarded with gifts associated with the life and work of the Nobel Prize winner.

At the end of the ceremony, as befits a bilingual school, we sang “Happy Birthday” in honor of the poet.

We would like to thank the DP2 students for preparing this extraordinary, touching and humorous event, and everyone present for participating!