Photo above: Our STEM crew



As part of the high school biological and physical STEM science club, MYP4 and MYP5 students take part in a challenge organized by the European Space Agency (ESA).

The goal for the young astronauts is to design and build a space probe the size of a can. The probe, called CanSat, will rise to an altitude of 3 km, make scientific measurements, and then return to Earth using a descent system designed by the students. During the mission, students will remain in contact with the space probe, collecting data it sends.

Today, students will take part in the final of the I stage, during which they send a report with the design of their space probe and the mission plan that the probe will carry out.

The supervisor of the entire project and the author of its logo is Ms. Ewelina, a biology teacher, and the mentor is Ms. Karolina, our physics teacher.

We keep fingers crossed for this unusual mission and encourage you to support the team of young astronauts via their Instagram profile cansat.mlo_id.