Other foreign languages

In the first grade of high school we offer two foreign language courses: German and Spanish. From time to time, we organise German-learning-related projects with partner schools, we offer language learning trips to Germany, and occasionally Spanish learning is supported by students from Spain staying with us from time to time as part of the Erasmus programme.

In IB Diploma Programme we teach the mother tongues of our students and additionally one foreign language.



Bilingual teaching at the schools of the Foundation of International Education prepares young people to learning in the international programmes and to use English with ease and at a high level. The successes of FIE school graduates, who are doing very well at schools and foreign universities (e.g. the University of Oxford), most distinctly prove the language competencies acquired at our schools.

In the first grade of the International High School of Wroclaw students are taught in two languages. Bilingualism is implemented in two ways:

  • Some classes are taught in Polish and in English, depending on the performed tasks or presented content. For example, history classes will be taught in Polish when they are devoted to the history of Poland, and in English when they are devoted to general history. History classes will be taught by two teachers: a Pole and a Briton.
  • Some classes are taught in English only, for example, music lessons or the practical philosophy class, which are held together with the students of our sister school – Wroclaw International School.

Participation in the life of the international community centred around the Foundation of International Education is an additional opportunity to come into contact with the English language. It makes young people realise that a great knowledge of the language makes them citizens of the world.

In the second and third form of International High School of Wroclaw, English is the only language of instruction (this rule does not apply to studying Group 1 courses, which include subjects from the field of language and literature – classes are taught in the respective languages; Studying Group 2 courses proceeds in a similar manner).



Foreign language teaching at the International High School of Wroclaw is one of the most important item on our curriculum in accordance with the school’s Code of language and philosophy of IB. In the first form of our high school students have an increased number of hours of English and for one semester English classes are taught by a native speaker. Some classes in the first form are taught in English or bilingually, depending on the type of tasks and teaching content. English learning is organised in a way that prepares the students for learning in that language in the IB Diploma Programme.

In addition, learning English is supported by international projects , such as:

  • international educational and language learning projects
  • International Spring Concert
  • participation in the Model United Nations
  • international basketball team – the Wolves and international tournaments organised by it.

In the second and third forms, that is in the Diploma Programme, English becomes the language of instruction and, apart from the mother tongues, the language in which the students will pass the International Baccalaureate exams. English learning is supported by international school library with more than 10,000 volumes of literature from all over the world.