Our high school is based on over 25 years of experience of schools of the Foundation for International Education (F.I.E.). Our faculty is a carefully selected team of experienced professionals specializing in bilingual and international teaching. A part of the teaching staff are the native speakers of English from US and UK.

The schools motto “lifelong learning” leads us to regular participation in the training and exchange of experiences with a network of IB schools worldwide.



Openness to the world is much more than knowing foreign languages. One of our key tasks is to prepare young people for life in a multicultural society. Together with their parents we are trying to foster in the students the need to maintain their own cultural identity with a particular sensitivity to the richness of cultures and traditions of other nationalities. We implement this goal by exciting the imagination of our children in the intellectual and emotional sphere. By teaching the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, we provide our students with a holistic education according to the best world standards and prepare them perfectly for facing the challenges of life in the modern dynamic reality.

Internationality is manifested at our school also in the community that creates it. At the International High School of Wroclaw Polish students meet with international students, graduates of Wroclaw International School. In the first form, during joint activities and projects, in the second and third form – as students of one class. At our school, teaching staff is also international.

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Modernity is not only about educational program, but also inspiring learning environment. From September 2016 we offer learning in the brand new campus, Center for International Education, considered to be one of the most modern school campuses in the country. 12 000 m2 contains everything you need in the school of the 21st century. Everything, what inspires a young man to learn, to grow and to create.

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