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In the second week of winter break, students from Foundation for International Education (FEM) schools, including IHSW students, had the opportunity to experiment with renewable energy sources (RES) during a four-day workshop – prepared and conducted by Mrs. Ewelina, biology teacher, Mrs. Karolina, physics teacher, and Mrs. Agata, science teacher.

The classes were part of the FEM’s thermomodernization project of our building, co-financed by the funds of the European Economic Area as part of the bilateral cooperation between Poland and Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein.

During the workshops, participants gained skills in designing and constructing devices based on renewable energy, delved into optimizing their operation, and conducted experiments. Thanks to the financial support from the EEA, the students had access to modern educational tools such as robots, models, and a set for scientific experiments.

As a lasting memory from the classes, ecological gifts were distributed, including a thermal mug, notebook, and power bank, all funded by the grant.

We captured the event in photos (feel free to check them out!) and in a soon-to-be-released video on the FEM schools’ YouTube channels.

In the local press, interviews with our teachers dedicated to the RES workshops were published in the printed editions of Gazeta Piastowska and Express Wrocławski.

We hope that these additional educational activities focused on RES will further stimulate the students’ interest in ‘green energy.’