From this week on, Wrocław belongs to the so-called “yellow zone” of pandemic risk. This has an impact on the organization of learning at IHSW.

Starting from October 19, 2020, students of our school have switched to the mixed (hybrid) system of education. This means that at least half of the students of our school have classes on-site, and the rest on-line.

Changes will be applied in two-week cycles, because in our opinion it is the optimal solution due to the cycle of possible symptoms of coronavirus infection and ensuring the best possible organization of learning and verification of students’ progress.

If Wrocław is moved to the “red zone”, all high school students will switch to on-line learning. The list of yellow and red zones is updated every Thursday; therefore, the Head of School will inform parents and students as soon as possible. Due to our experiences with spring lockdown, the possible transition to remote learning should be very smooth.

I would like to thank the teachers, parents and students for their patience, understanding and cooperation in this difficult time. We perfectly understand your fears and uncertainties. Please remember that our psychological and pedagogical team constantly provides all the support!

Oriana Molęda

Head of School