High school students began their well-deserved holidays. Why deserved? Continue reading!
! ️ The University of Wrocław became school’s academic patron.
✅ The international group of high school students has grown up.
✅ We celebrated the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence.
✅ We have organized a number of important projects, including the next edition of Brain Awareness Week and School Career Days.
✅ As part of the Community and Service, the students organized the TEDex conference by themselves.
✅ There was another edition of the exchange programme with a partner school from the Netherlands.
✅ We have organized an inspiring MYP Day.
✅ The students achieved significant successes in the competition “z Dolny Ślązak” and in various sports competitions. One of the students got a scholarship of the Polish Prime Minister.
✅ Another alumni took their IB Diploma exams.
✅ The last grades of junior high school students did the state exams and – as usual – showed that our students can afford excellent results.

Thank you for this year, full of challenges and winnings. We are proud of you!

We wish IHSW students, their families, teaching staff and school administration great and safe holidays!

The school’s office accepts the visitors during holidays from 09:00 to 14:00 (holiday break – from 02 to 18 August 2019).