Have you ever dreamed of moving to the times and places of the books you read? Now there is a chance to do so for first grade students who use materials prepared by our Polish language & literature teachers, who are using the interactive platform Genially.

The platform was created in Spain as a start-up and is already winning the hearts of teachers and students around the world. With its help, a teacher can create any educational content and enrich it with attractive for students, interactive forms, such as games, multimedia, quotes and quizzes.

Our high school students, thanks to the ingenuity of teachers, are now visiting places where the “Potop” (Polish, historical novel) was set, they can feel the atmosphere of Middle Ages in Scotland, following Macbeth’s footsteps. They can also listen to the voice of Zbigniew Herbert and, inspired by the work and moral attitude of the famed Polish poet and writer, take their own reflection on universal ethical dilemmas.

Our Polish language teachers recommend this interesting tool for remote and stationary teaching, not only for humanities teachers!