One step can significantly improve the quality of our life – you just need to do it and open yourself to the magic of indoor plants.
– say Małgorzata, Aleksandra and Jagoda from MYP4
A group of high school students under the supervision of Ms Karolina, their Polish language Teacher, undertook an interesting and utilitarian project as part of Service and Action.
The project was addressed not only to members of the school community, but also to the inhabitants of Wrocław and other major cities of Lower Silesia . Spreading ideas about the project was possible thanks to the cooperation with a local newspaper.
The project entitled “The magic of home plants” aims to spread awareness of the importance of plants in human life and to promote an interesting solution for growing plants in any space – the window farming.

Małgorzata, Aleksandra and Jagoda put forward a hypothesis that students need more greenery in their immediate surroundings. Not only at home, but also during the school day. They conducted a survey in a group of their peers from our high school. The survey confirmed that over 90% of respondents feel the need to increase the amount of plants in the school, and over 96% of them consider the “Window Farming” technique to be a great solution to the problem. The students also indicated which plants they would most like to welcome in their surroundings.

The girls prepared a detailed manual, enriched with drawings, on how to prepare a vertical window cultivation. The instruction was given to other students via the Google drive.

However, social activities did not end there. The authors of the project also prepared posters and a press article promoting the idea of ​​Window farming and invited the editor-in-chief of Wrocław’s Gazeta Osiedle and Gazeta Piastowska, who agreed to print the article in his newspapers.

We hope that the girls’ initiative will find a wide response, especially among urban youth, who – after months of lockdown – miss the contact with nature like never before.

If you are interested to start a similar “Window farming” project you can contact the authors at: window.farming.mlo@gmail.com.