A few years ago, at the initiative of one of the DP students, we built a small greenhouse in the school yard. It was part of her CAS project and related to sustainability.

Unfortunately, when the student finished her education in our high school and went to study at one of the British universities, it was difficult to find a continuator of this ecological project and the greenhouse was a bit neglected.

Fortunately, this semester the greenhouse was once again in the caring hands of high school students. A group of DP2 students took care of it and collected wild lavender. High school students made their own decorative bags, which they filled with dried lavender. In this way, charming scent bags were created, which will be useful in every wardrobe. This is what we call a “zero waste” attitude!

When spring comes and we go back to stationary school, the greenhouse will be ready to receive seeds for new crops.

Good job, DP2!