Our efforts in environmental education have been appreciated. International High School of Wrocław was announced the leader of the Lower Silesian Network of Schools Promoting Sustainable Development “Earth for Everyone”.

The creators of the network intended to:

  • activate teachers, students and parents in search of interesting ideas for solving an ecological problem observed in the local environment, using the method of educational projects,
  • awake the cognitive activity of children and adolescents, developing pro-environmental attitudes,
  • award the most effective and interesting educational projects
  • award kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions promoting sustainable development
  • publish awarded projects as good practice examples

The entities evaluating activities within the network according to the above criteria are the local selfgovernment and educational authorities, teacher training centers, regional forests authority and league of nature conservation.

On June 28, 2022, during the meeting of the Lower Silesian Ecological Education Forum, with the participation of representatives of the above-mentioned institutions, summarized the activities of the 8th edition of the network’s activities.

Our high school received the honorable title of the Leader of Ecological Education in 2022 in the category of Lower Silesian secondary schools. The student project on counteracting fast fashion was of great importance when assessing our pro-ecological activities.

Congratulations to all those involved in the implementation of pro-ecological activities at our school!