We are pleased to inform that our student Małgorzata from IB grade won the 12th place in the difficult struggle of the National Mythological Olympiad. Małgosia was awarded with a laureate title and a diploma!

The Olympics took place on November 12, 2020, and its aim was to popularize and expand knowledge about the mythology of ancient Greece and Rome.

Students from all over the country took part in it, and the task was divided into three groups: level 1 (for grades 4-6 of primary school), level 2 (for grades VII-VIII of primary school) and level 3 (for grades I -III of high school). The results were prepared on the basis of the number of points obtained by the students.
Each competition test consisted of 30 questions with four answers, at least one of which was correct. The other participants from FIE schools, of which there were nearly 30 in total, also performed well in the test.

Congratulations to everyone, and most of course to our wonderful laureate – Małgosia!