In order to maintain continuity of learning while the school is closed we have prepared procedures and materials for online learning with e-dziennik for grades 1 and 2, and have set up digital classes through Google Classroom for DP students, which will expand our file sharing capabilities between students and teachers and allow us to hold live lessons when needed.

Students attended an orientation on Wednesday outlining this process. Also parents will receive invites so they can get email summaries showing student’s progress

The Head of School would like to express her biggest gratitude towards the whole teaching staff for their great commitment in preparing on-line teaching. This process usually takes several weeks. Thanks to the great mobilization of teachers, it was implemented in just a few days.

We are convinced that due to such attitude and technological possibilities that we can offer, we will be able to survive this storm together, and IHSW students will use optimally difficult time for effective learning.

At the same time, we are in regular contact with the Polish educational authorities and with International Baccalaureate Organization- accrediting our international programs to monitor any changes and keep teachers, parents and students informed.

Take care everyone!