In the interests of the safety of students and the entire school community, and as part of prevention against the dangers of Wuhan coronavirus, the Head of School informs about her decisions to ensure the safety of the entire school community:

  • Trial lessons and enrolment visits for candidates coming currently from Asian countries and other regions where the virus is present have been suspended,
  • The above restriction also applies to our students, their parents
    and school staff currently staying in China and other countries affected by the problem or planning to visit them in the nearest future,
  • The abovementioned persons will be allowed to enter the campus at a later date only if they show a proof of stay in Poland for at least two weeks and display good health.

This requirement is related to Passenger’s Localisation Cards, a new security measure implemented by Polish airports. These cards are used to identify the date of arrival in Poland and current place of residence, while simultaneously monitoring the visitor’s health.

Our students’ parents were informed of these requirements. We also reminded employees, parents and students about the basic principles of hygiene in public places in accordance with the guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

At the same time, we ask everyone visiting the FEM campus to refrain from visits if they show symptoms of a cold or flu.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter!